July 14 – Bastille Day

7:10 am

Good Morning!

I have an 8:00 am meeting, so this blog will be brief.

SPX futures declined to 4250.12 before bouncing back to positive (above 4370.00 cash) this morning.  Yesterday’s cash market came awfully close to the 4399.00 mentioned as a major Wave relationship target.  This may have allowed the decline to begin.  Major bearish gamma strikes lie at 4370 and at various levels beneath that., so this may cause the reversal to gain momentum.


VIX futures dropped to a low of 16.66 this morning on the monthly options expiration day.  There are 700 more calls than puts at 17.00, so the VIX levels must be “controlled” to prevent a runaway VIX.  The picture I get this morning is that everyone appears to have their finger on the trigger.  Today may be a very interesting day.


TNX futures have made a shallow retracement to 13.88 after reaching 14.23 in the overnight session.  The Cycles Model suggest further strength by the end of the week, so further strength today may be problematic for the equity bulls.




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